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"When I first started training with Strength Forge I managed a 65kg deadlift, 3 pressups and squatted 30kg on the smith machine. Now my maxes are 120kg deadlift, 90kg back squat, 20 pressups and 7 pullups. These techniques work!" - Melissa K

"Working with Strength Forge, I've built my deadlift from 220kg to 260kg, and I'm continuing to get stronger" - Craig

"So just over a year ago I contacted Strength Forge. I was 47, overweight, asthmatic with a bad back after a herniated disk and feeling generally rubbish! I've gone from daily back pain to deadlifting 95kg+ and running 3 1/2 Marathons in 1 year." - Lesley S

"This guide was a game changer for me! It took me from nervous and using a dangerous technique to confident, safe and effective." - Sam

"Great tool to help improve my deadlift technique. Easy steps to follow and learn loads of new pointers. Strongly recommend reading" - Sarah Jayne

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